Sunday, 29 April 2018

“Feel the fear and do it anyway”

“Feel the fear and do it anyway” by Susan Feffers, is probably one of my favourite books. If you want to live your life the way you want to, it is most definitely a great read.

I had the pleasure of delivering workshops to the British Dressage Easter Team Spring Camp last Sunday. It was a fabulously sunny day, and everyone felt gratitude for the sunshine and blue skies. This was the perfect back drop to our workshop – how to reduce stress, anxiety and competition nerves using Neuro-Linguistic Programming. We taught several breathing techniques and gave riders an in depth understanding of how the mind operates.

However, there was one common element that bound us all together, that made us feel at one. That something in our past that happened, tucked away in a part of our brain we choose to forget.

Emotions and feelings.

Emotions and feelings associated with an “event” in our past stops us from moving forward. They manifest in a number of ways, often unexplained. They stop us from forgetting, forgiving, creating new resolutions, moving on or setting goals. It dulls the desire to look to the future, reasses and revaluate.

Quiet a few years ago, I was unable to pass a critical exam. Every time I tried to work on it or talk about it I became emotional. I cried. I felt failure. I felt anger. I lost my confidence. I felt disappointment every time I opened “the book” or tried to book another attempt at the exam.

I was referred by a friend to my now coach and mentor for TimeLine Therapy. Little did I know what the effects of meeting him would have on my life then and now. I would be set free from all the emotions associated with “that” time in my life.

To cut a long story short the “trigger” for my failure in my exam was my horrible divorce. I had no idea this was a route cause. How could “that” affect my exam? Surely, I simply needed to pull myself together, have a bit more cake or another large glass of wine? TimeLine Therapy saved me. It eradicated the fear, loss, anger, failure, sadness and regret I felt with regards to my divorce. I had no idea the feelings were so strong and so profound.

 I learnt to understand the feelings and emotions happening to me were associated with my divorce. My clever brain created a “pattern match”. Every time I thought about my exam the emotions and feelings from my divorce surfaced.  This explained why I would start to cry when I thought about the exam or simply spoke about it.

Now, I am free from all those emotions and feelings. I went on to pass my exam easily. The only emotion I felt was excitement and relief. I finally did it, on my own. Me.

Timeline Therapy helps us deal with:
Anxiety, stress and nervousness
Fears and phobias
Gaining confidence and resilience
Removing negative emotions

I wish I knew about this Therapy earlier. Now, I’m thankful for everything and everyone in my life. Free from negative emotion and fulfilling my desire to help other people step out to the other side.

Stronger. Fulfilled. Confident. Content. Winner.

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