Sunday, 12 August 2018

How to get back on track and stay focussed

We have all been there? Stuck in a rut, not doing anything differently and feeling like we are never going to move on! How do you get back on track and feel like you are moving in the right direction?

1. Find your way ahead.

A good place to start is to remind yourself of where you came from? Why did you start riding your horse? What did you hope to get from it? What feelings and emotions did you have at the start? What was your why? What has changed between them and now?

If you have attended one of my Rider Confidence Workshops, you would know what your why is? If you have not found it yet, how will you find it? Some people ask their trainer for help, others ask help from a rider confidence coach.

2. Identify your goals.

Have you updated your riding goals? Do you have goals? Are they made up of "small steps" so you feel you are achieving every step of the way? Do you know when you are moving away from your goals? Do you have an accountability friend, can your trainer or rider confidence coach help you? Have you considered any 1-2-1 coaching or group coaching sessions? Help is available for you and you do not have to do this on your own?

Your goals should be your motivator and they need to be important to you. As we get older and wiser, our goals change, therefore, it is a good idea to think about them from time to time and check whether your goals are still the same.

If you need help setting your goals, take advantage of my FREE 30 min telephone coaching session
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3. Identify your non-negotiables.

What will you define as your boundaries? Are some black, white or grey? Where do you stand with these? Have you ever thought about what you would have as a non-negotiable? Like you set your SMART goals, write a list of your non-negotiables and stick to them.

4. Imagine.

Allow your imagination to run away with you. If you could do anything you want to with your horse, what will it be? If there were no obstacles, nothing in your way and access to unlimited cash what would it be?

Picture your ideal situation with your horse and your trainer. Now draw it out on paper, picture it clearly and see how it makes you feel. Now add more detail each week to add in the small steps. These can then become your next goals.

5. Plan plan and replan.

Goal setting can be difficult if you do not set SMART goals.

S - specific
M - measurable
A - achievable
R - realistic
T - time based

What are your first steps to put your dream in place? You only have to start with one goal and then expand it to your "small steps". These make it easier to achieve and to realise when you are moving away from your goals. Research your options and ask other riders what they do to improve? Have you thought of clinics or workshops to attend, can you find a coach to help you on your way.  What are the costs and logistics involved?

This process will get you started to achieving your goals. If you would like to book a FREE 30 min coaching session please get in touch and message me through our Facebook page or email me directly